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Lawn Sprinkler Inspections

​The Texas heat makes lawn maintenance an extremely time-consuming task. If your home has a sprinkler system, it's essential to ensure complete yard coverage. While basic sprinkler repairs are typically inexpensive, adding a new zone can be more costly. Therefore, as long as your system provides full coverage, most necessary repairs can be done affordably.

When you book a home inspection with us, your lawn sprinkler inspection is FREE!


What We Inspect:

  • Manually operate all zones or stations on the system through the controller.

  • Check all visible sprinkler heads and above-ground/ exposed materials. 

  • Look to make sure most of the yard is covered.

Report as Deficient:

  • The absence of a rain or moisture sensor

  • Inoperative zone valves

  • Surface water leaks

  • The absence of a backflow prevention device

  • The absence of shutoff valves between the water meter and the backflow device

  • Deficiencies in the performance and mounting of the controller

  • Missing or damaged components

  • Deficiencies in the performance of the water emission devices, such as sprayer heads, rotary sprinkler heads, bubblers, or drip lines


Benefits of a Well-Maintained Sprinkler System

Healthy Lawn and Garden: A well-maintained sprinkler system helps ensure a healthy and vibrant lawn and garden. The heat in DFW will quickly destroy any unwatered lawn. 

Water Efficiency: Properly functioning systems are more water-efficient, saving on utility bills and conserving water. Fort Worth in particular has a pretty accurate water meter reader and loves sending high bills out to residents. 

Preventing Damage: The number one cause of sprinkler damage is due to lawnmowers and then foot traffic. If you mow your own lawn, you should protect those sprinkler heads and mow around them. If a company most your lawn then you can put sprinkler guards around your sprinkler heads to make sure the mower avoids that area. 

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Sprinkler head that is on the corner of the brick and lawn
Man running through the spinklers with his kid (happy)
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