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Draw Inspections

Residential Draw Inspections:

We offer residential draw inspections, which provide essential oversight during the construction process for residential properties. Our certified inspectors carefully assess each construction phase to verify plans and compliance. We work closely with lenders and financial institutions, offering reports that help facilitate fund disbursement based on accurate construction progress. Contact us for additional information. 

Commercial Draw Inspections:

At TruGuard Inspections, we offer comprehensive commercial draw inspections to ensure smooth construction progress for commercial projects. Our experienced inspectors meticulously evaluate construction phases, verifying compliance with plans, specifications, and budgets. With our expertise in commercial construction practices, we help mitigate risks, identify potential issues early on, and ensure that projects stay on track. Contact us for additional information.

Framing and rough in elecrical/ plumbing of a house. Wood studs and floor joist installed.
Drone shot of the neighorhood pre-foundation pour. Texas home stages of building a home.
Framing a home in Texas. Studs, cripple, king studs, floor joist, ceiling joist, roof truss.

   A draw inspection, also known as a construction draw inspection or progress inspection, is a type of inspection conducted during the construction or renovation of a property. It is typically performed by a third-party inspector or a qualified professional, such as a licensed TREC or an InterNACHI licensed inspector. Draw inspections help protect the interests of lenders by ensuring that funds are disbursed appropriately and that the construction project is progressing as planned. They also provide transparency and accountability for all parties involved, including borrowers, contractors, and investors.


   The purpose of a draw inspection is to assess the progress of the construction project and ensure that the work completed aligns with the agreed-upon plans, specifications, and timelines. It is often requested by lenders, such as banks or financial institutions, who are financing the construction or renovation project. During a draw inspection, the inspector visits the construction site at specific milestones or stages of the project, commonly referred to as "draws" or "phases". The inspector examines the completed work, verifies that it meets quality standards, and compares it to the project timeline and budget. The inspection may include a thorough examination of the structure, systems, materials, and overall compliance with building codes and regulations. The findings of the draw inspection are documented in a comprehensive report that is submitted to the lender or relevant stakeholders. Based on the inspection report, the lender can determine whether to release funds for the next phase of construction or request corrections or adjustments before proceeding.

What is a "Draw Inspection"?

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