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The Importance of Inspecting Your Newly Built Home: "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To"

Updated: Feb 22

Have you ever wondered if your newly constructed dream home needs an inspection? The answer is a resounding yes. While the idea of a brand-new house might suggest perfection, the reality is often more complex. From hasty construction timelines to overlooked details, even newly built homes can harbor hidden issues. Let's explore why getting a professional inspection for your newly built home is not only a smart choice but also a strategic one.

Phase 2 inspection (pre-drywall inspection)

Top 5 reasons to get your new home inspected:

1. The New Normal: Quality Compromised in Today's Home Building

  • Ever since the COVID era, builders have cut lots of corners. In today's fast-paced construction industry, tight deadlines and increased demand can lead to rushed building processes. This can result in an array of unnoticed defects and incomplete work that could impact your home's functionality, safety, and value.

  • Re-inspections are common to verify these repairs were done efficiently and effectively. You'd be surprised how many times we come back and the builder will try to pass off a handyman-style repair as professional work and hope that nobody notices.

2. The Run-Around After Move-In

  • Picture this: You've moved into your new home, and you are all excited to settle in, only to discover an array of unfinished tasks. Often, homeowners find themselves in the frustrating position of chasing after contractors to complete those last-minute details. By having a thorough inspection before moving in, you gain leverage to request proper completion of outstanding work from the builder.

3. How To Keep Your Builder Honest And Negotiate?

  • Absolutely do not take the builder's word that they finished all the repairs... It would be best if you got a re-inspection on all new homes. It is extremely common for the builder to say that all repairs were done, and then we show up to re-inspect the property, only to find that half of the repairs were carried out.

  • These re-inspections are another thing to consider when hiring a home inspector. It's a good idea to find out how much they charge for the second inspection that verifies if the necessary repairs were carried out. FYI: most inspectors charge $100-250 for re-inspections.

4. Custom vs. Brand Homes: Is There a Difference?

  • Custom home builders and cookie-cutter national home builders represent two different approaches to home construction. While custom home builders tailor each aspect of the home to the buyer's preferences, national home builders often mass-produce homes with standardized designs and features.

  • Homebuyers need to understand that national home builders, being massive corporations, usually prioritize quantity over quality and might operate with minimal oversight. As a result, homes built by national builders could be prone to subtle defects and construction shortcuts that a professional inspection can reveal. If you are buying a home from a national brand (we won't name any names), you need a home inspection.

Example: To visually demonstrate the key points we've covered, take a look at this video captured during one of our recent inspections. It provides a clear representation of the concepts we've discussed and highlights the importance of thorough home inspections.

5. The Power of Blue Tape: Your Weapon for Perfection

  • One of the most valuable tools homeowners can utilize during their new home inspection is blue tape. Newly constructed homes give you the opportunity to use it to your advantage. Blue tape allows you to identify cosmetic items that require the builder's attention. From paint touch-ups to minor drywall imperfections, using blue tape not only ensures that your home meets your expectations but also saves you from future inconveniences.

  • This is very important to do because your inspector is not generally looking for minor cosmetic items. The inspector is looking for incomplete work and verifying certain systems are constructed proficiently. You can ask your inspector to help you identify some blue tape items during your walkthrough after the inspection.

Inspectors Tip:

Conducting phase inspections by a licensed ICC-certified inspector is the smartest thing you can do when you are building a home from scratch. These inspections are performed at various stages of the construction process. The bottom line is that city code inspectors are only looking for certain things and inspect lots of property per day very quickly. You need to hire your own code inspector, they will look at the entire property and keep your builder honest. To find your own ICC Inspector, click this link. Note the different phases of construction:

- Phase 1: Foundation Pre-Pour Inspection

- Phase 2: Pre-Drywall Inspection

- Phase 3: Final Home Inspection

- 11-Month Warranty Inspection after moving in


The belief that a new home is flawless from the get-go is a common misconception. Regardless of whether it's a custom-built residence or a major brand home, professional inspections provide a layer of protection and insight that every homeowner should consider. Don't overlook the power of a detailed inspection report to empower your negotiations and ensure that your new home truly lives up to your expectations. Trusting an experienced and qualified inspector is the first step in securing your investment and peace of mind.


About TruGuard Inspections:

At TruGuard Inspections, we take pride in delivering top-quality home inspection services to clients throughout the DFW Metroplex. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing thorough and detailed inspections, utilizing the latest tools and technology to ensure no aspect of the property goes unnoticed. Whether it's a buyer's home inspection, seller's inspection, new construction inspection, 11-month warranty inspection, or thermal inspection using infrared cameras, you can rely on us to provide honest and insightful assessments for informed decision-making. Check out our website to learn about all the services we offer.

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