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Hardware Tools

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This is a list of some of the tools we use on our inspections. 

Thermal Camera 

  • We use the HIKMicro M30. They are a newer company than the traditional FLIR brand, but HIKMicro produces a better quality image at higher resolution. Many inspectors have already made the switch to HIKMicro. The HIKMicro M30 is considered to be equivalent to the FLIR E8. 

Hikmicro M-30 Infrared Camera Stock Photo

Moisture Meter

  • We use the PROTIMETER SurveyMaster. It has non-contact capabilities for non-destructive testing while also having the option to use the probe meter to push into the material for reading moisture levels. The moisture meter helps detect the level of moisture in a variety of materials.

PROTIMETER SurveyMaster Moistue Meter Stock Photo


  • The drone we use is a DJI Mini 3 Pro. We want to walk all roofs, but should a roof be un-walkable we will use a drone to inspect your roof. The drone has front/ rear sensors and is more than capable to inspect roofs. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone stock photo

Roofing Shoes

  • We use the Cougar Paw brand shoes. Most roofs can be walked on with regular shoes. But when the roofs get steep, the "Paws" come out. They help traverse everything up to 13/12 pitch safely. Anything steeper than 13/12 generally requires safety gear. 

Cougar Paw Roofing Boots

Ladders and Stabilizers

  • A stabilizer is an important part of keeping an inspector safe and preventing the ladder from damaging the home. The ladders we use are capable of reaching 20ft, 24ft, and 28ft in height.  

A home inspector is standing on the second story of the roof. 24ft ladder is being used with a stabilizer. The home inspector is wearing cougar paw roofing shoes.

Electrical Testers

The image is of different electrical testers with links to the amazon store that you can buy them from. Kien electrical tester. Non-contact tester. GFCI testers. Fluke Amp tester.

Water Pressure Tester

  • A water pressure tester is a cheap and simple tool used to test the water pressure of the home. If the water pressure is above 80 psi, then the pressure may be too high and cause a pipe to burst. 

Water Pressure Tester from


Gas mask for home inspections 3M Reusable Respirator Half Facepiece 7502, NIOSH, 3M Cool Flow Valve, Dual Airline Supplied Ai

Wet/Dry Vacuum

  • A Wet/Dry Vacuum is used in case of emergencies. If a leak is found, the inspector does everything they can to prevent damage. It's also good to have in case any cleanup is needed after inspection. 

Ryobi Wet/Dry Vac

Reporting & Scheduling Software

  • We use Spectora for generating reports and scheduling. Spectora's reports are clean and easy to read. Check out the Spectora Podcast here.

Powered by Spectora Logo


An inspector's flashlight is the most important and useful tool a home inspector uses. The flashlight is used to point out all sorts of problems that dim light hides. Fenix has been the most recommended brand of flashlights for home inspectors. 

Fenix PD40R v2.0

IR Thermometer

20:1 IR thermometer is used to measure the temperature of many items in the house. Including the stove, oven, microwave, A/C, wires, etc. Knowing the allowable distance of the thermometer is important for accuracy. 20:1 ratio means the area that is measured is about 1 inch area for every 20 inches in distance. 

Klein Tools IR10 Infrared Thermometer, Digital Thermometer Gun with Dual Targeting Laser, 20:1

Gas and CO detector

We carry CO detectors and gas sniffers, that are capable of detecting leaks. Firefighters and gas companies use them to find the source of a leak. 

Gas Leak Detector Spray is used to confirm a gas leak. 

Klein Tools ET110 CO Meter, Carbon Monoxide Tester and Detector & TIF 8900 Gas sniffer


Hardware Tools
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